About Edge Deployment and Configuration

Hello Community,
I am trying to configure the Edge via Felix but I having problems saving that configuration (NB: I am in the simulation phase only) and when exporting that to jar and re-run it all bundles didn’t work!

Is there any solution for that, also if there is a more detailed tuto I would be very grateful!

Dear @Thameuuur ,

You are developing in Eclipse, I assume?
-You run the OSGi from the edge app.
-Configure through Felix.
-Terminate console.

If you now rerun the edge app, is it launched with the previous configuration?
If yes good.

How do you exactly export? you followed a tutorial from eclipse?

With kind regards,

Menno Spitteler

Yeah exactly, when I terminate the console everything disappears!
and for the exportation, yes exactly as this one Build OpenEMS Edge :: Open Energy Management System

hmm… that is unfortunate. I cannot replicate the issue. But at least we narrowed down the problem.
If i understand correctly. The issue is not in the deployment, but before that as the termination of the console should not undo the settings in Felix. Perhapse it would be better to post this question on an Eclipse/Java development forum or wait and hope one of the Java gods of openEMS comes by :wink:

With kind regards,


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Actually I find a solution by making the jar file as a systemd service !

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Hi @Thameuuur and welcome to the OpenEMS Community,

most likely the issue boils down to the fact that you did not configure a proper felix.cm.dir environment variable.

In the EdgeApp.bndrun this value is predefined to c:/openems/config, which is working nicely on a Windows development PC, but obviously not on a Linux deployment.

If you apply the systemd service definition from the Docs, the path is configured to be /etc/openems.d/.

Alternatively you could just run the openems-edge.jar file from the console like this:

java -Dfelix.cm.dir=/etc/openems.d/ -jar openems-edge.jar

Hope that clarifies the problem a little bit better.


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