Consortium partner- DSO in energy communities and balancing group

Dear OpenEMS,

We have a consortium for Zweiter Förderaufruf zur Weiterentwicklung und Anwendung der Smart-Meter-Gateway - Kommunikationsplattform für die Digitalisierung von Energienetzen (DigENet II).
We are looking for a DSO in Germany who can contribute energy communities and balancing group.
In case you are interested in joining our consortium or you know it in your network who is interested, please feel free to send me an email or share it with your network.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Dr. Amin Shokri Gazafroudi

I’m am a founder of a italian non-profit cooperative that are making and developing Energy Communities. We are very interested to find people to deal with and grow.
We want to monitor all users and develop a web place/app that can show to our users the energy production and the energy available in the energy community.
In order to collect the energy consumption from all the users we have to install a power meter for each one.
Someone are simple energy consumers and some other are energy consumers and producers.
We saw a lot of “products ready” for openEMS. But a good compromise between functionality and quality they seemed to us: Carlo Gavazzi EM 111 meters. Why this product is not ready for OpenEMS? They use Modbus protocol as EM300. Someone of you have experience about?
It will be available soon within the “product ready”? They are already ready for openEMS? Which way to trasmit data over wifi?

Is there other meters within 60 euros that you can advice us?

Most “OpenEMS Ready” meters are currently three-phased because that is what is mainly used/required in Germany. The only single-phase meter I am currently aware of in OpenEMS is the SOCOMEC Countis E14 (Manufacturer: COUNTIS E1x - Wirkenergiezähler und Impulskonzentratoren; OpenEMS: openems/io.openems.edge.meter.socomec at develop · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub)

I don’t know of anyone who has been using “Carlo Gavazzi EM 111” with OpenEMS yet, which is the reason why it has not been implemented yet.

Usually good value-for-money are the SDM meters. SDM630 (three-phased) is already implemented in OpenEMS and I just found SDM120 which seems to be the single-phase variant.

Generally implementing a new Modbus meter in OpenEMS is quite easy with good documentation and many examples available. Any good software developer should be able to implement a new meter easily: