Error of 'Get started'

I changed a laptop and re-installed the relevant documents. However, in the steps 3.2 of ‘’ Get Started"(Open the [Apache Felix Web Console Configuration), I cannot configure and start the simulator as before. Instaed, it always shows me error message in the browner.

I have no idea why it happens since my console is running and I followed the previous steps of ‘get started’ one by one. Do you think it might because i should do something else like implementing a device except the steps in ‘Get started’?

Thank you very much.

Zhongtian Li

Hi Li,

which branch have you cloned?
what is the error message?

best regards


Hi Paul

I follewed steps on the website:”.

And I cloned the source code from the link it provides:
" "

The error message is in the attached pdf document and I have noted the error line. The main error is:
2019-04-01 12:51:21,423 [main ] ERROR [org.apache.felix.http.jetty ] Failed to start Connector: ServerConnector@27912e3{HTTP/1.1,[http/1.1]}{} Address already in use: bind

The result of this error is that I cannot Open the Apache Felix Web Console Configuration as the 3.2 step shows.

Thank you very mcuh
Best regards


Hi Li, Address already in use: bind

This error indicates, that there is already another process on your laptop using port 8080. You have two options:

  1. Exit the other process; on linux you can use netstat -tulpn to see which processes listen on which ports
  2. Configure Apache Felix Web Console to use another port, using the org.osgi.service.http.port= configuration setting. See the BackendApp.bndrun for reference, which is running on port 8079 by default.


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Thank you Stefan! it works!

Besides, for the admin and password, is it the same as the account of github or the account of Openems community?


Zhongtian Li

Ok, good to hear that.

No, that username “admin”/password “admin” is strictly local to Apache Felix - has nothing to do with GitHub or OpenEMS Community.


Hi Stenfan,

I got stuck at step 3.2:

I try to search the username and password admin in Eclipse console window but cannot find it, with attached is the content in the console window. console window commands.pdf (51.6 KB)

Do you mind show me where I can find the Apache Felix username and password admin to login?

Thank you very much.
Best regards

Zhongtian Li

just use what is written: Username admin, password admin

Thank you Paul. It works.

Besides, for the 2.b: Confugure debug outputs on the console: “controller Debug Log”,

the web says it should shows:

However, my eclipse window shows: [state: oK] instead of [Ess SoC:0 %|L:0 W Grid L:0 W Production L:0 W Consumption L:0 W], which is also shown as below.

Do you think it is fine or incorrect to get this output?

Zhongtian Li

Yes, the output you get is correct. We changed the default format of the output recently. Still need to update the docs here accordingly…