EVCS EnergyTotal vs ActiveConsumptionEnergy

The nature for EVCS provides the following channels:

  • EnergySession
  • ActiveConsumptionEnergy

Some Charging stations, e.g. KEBA also provide a channel EnergyTotal.

Within the history view of OpenEMS UI energy values are shown for every charging station. For this the UI requests the RPC queryHistoricTimeseriesEnergy for energy channels. For each charging station it requests the channel evcsX/EnergyTotal.

This leads to energy values only shown for some EVCS implementations.
Altough I find EnergyTotal being intuitively more understandable I would suggest changing the UI RPC request to get ActiveConsumptionEnergy for charging stations. Or should we change EVCS ActiveConsumptionEnergy to EnergyTotal within the EVCS nature. What do you think?

Our plan since a long time is to add a very simple PowerMeter Nature, that simply provides electricity measurements and would be implemented by everything that measures electric power flow (energy meter, EVCS, PV inverter, etc.). If that is finished, we do not need to handle EVCS specifically in the UI.

For this specific question. ActiveConsumptionEnergy is the Channel in the EVCS Nature. It was named like this already with the future PowerMeter Nature in mind. So the RPC should definitely query for this Channel.


@sebastian.asen: Could you have a look into this?