Integration of a Tasmota based smart socket

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bought some “Nous” smart sockets and will try to flash them with the Tasmota firmware to enable MQTT protcol based communication. Then would like to integrate into Mosqitto and integrate this broker into OpenEMS by the use of your MQTT API using the MQTT subscribe mechanism.
General question: Is this the right way to do it and the stack just pointed out would be feasable from your point of view/experience ?
Thank you for a feed back!
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sounds more like you want to do a “smart-home” not a energy managment system? or what you want do to put in the plugs?
For MQTT there are some workarounds to get informations into OpenEMS and out. But in total it is not fully “easy” implemented right now (as far as i know)
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Thanks Paul for the hint,

in the end I am looking for a (smart) energy management system.
Aforefront I want to know everything about my comsumers on an individual basis regarding profiles during consumption and so on.

Pls visit my first primitive system built on a raspi 4b gathering consumers data:
Management is based on data and the more is available the better eficiency we will achieve on producing energy, consuming energy and managing it by routing the power from production to consumers on a scheduled plan. It will also help me to size the modules and the battery. And whether it will make sense to include an asynch hot water production in advance by using solar electricity.

And so on and so forth…

So I would like to include the MQTT messages about current and TodayUntilNow Watt consumption of my alectrical powered devices and learn in a second step more about necessary algorithms managing the distrubution of my solar panels power prduction and battery based buffers.

So what would be the suggestion on which data and format from the stream offered below would be appropriate and ready to use for a list of dedicated consumers via the MQTT interface in the openEMS protocol ?
“Time”:“2021-12-22T13:14:43”,“ENERGY”:{“TotalStartTime”:“2021-12-17T15:01:43”,“Total”:0.029, “Yesterday”:0.000,“Today”:0.029,“Period”:0,“Power”:14,“ApparentPower”:37, “ReactivePower”:34,“Factor”:0.38,“Voltage”:237,“Current”:0.156}

Thank you

consumers ?