OpenEMS backend and Odoo integration

I just discovered openEMS and it looks really nice. The architecture diagram is exactly what I was looking for. I need to setup a system for local company doing home solar installations. They want to have overview of all of them, some monitoring and ability to do some changes in bulk for multiple of them at once.

Is there some guide how to deploy Odoo and OpenEMS together? Something that would explain how it works together? That part really confuses me.
The live demo at gitpod does not really work. There is one Edge item and clicking on it shows error. When I want to create a new item, some fields are missing.
Is the openEMS in Odoo completely provided by this plugin GitHub - OpenEMS/odoo-openems: Odoo Addons for OpenEMS ? Because the documentation says this is just metadata provider and it is mentioned only in connection with login/authentication functionality.

I have all 3 components (backend, edge, ui) running locally and it works fine, but having backend with overview dashboard of all edge instances where a new edge instance can be added, that is where I’m lost.

In summary, I’m looking for something which will give user a web UI, where they see all their installations, can see their live data, can push config changes to end devices and can add new installations. Is the Odoo right way forward? Or do I need to build my own Web UI utilizing OpenEMS backend API?


Hi Jiri,

Yes, OpenEMS + Odoo can be exactly the solution you are looking for. It is used in production environment, but unfortunately not well (or rater “not at all”…) documented.

Also, unfortunately, the Odoo implementation is sometimes out of date, because we forget to backport our changes, and there has not been a lot of feedback on this integration in the past.

I just tried the Gitpod Demo myself after quite some time and can acknowledge, that there are currently some bugs and error messages and the system is not working. I’ll try to look into this…


Hi Stefan,

Thank you for your reply.
As a developer, I might be able to contribute some code to make it working however the lack of any documentation makes it really hard to start. So if you can provide some guidelines, that would be great.


Hello @stefan.feilmeier,

i got it running on my Backend Server :wink:

My only Problem is, that i implemented many Features myself so i can not publish it as it includes many sensitive Data…

I just can you give a hint: If I remind me well it is only a thing of the Authentification Process how the Websocket Authenticatets itself on Odoo (something wrong with UID4).

BTW i sent @nicoketzer a fully working Version of my Implementation of Odoo. He has my changed Version :wink: