OpenEMS: framework or software?

Sorry if this is somewhere to read or described in docs.
I am new here and see screenshots of dashboards and other explanations.
But when I look for a “How To Start”, it describes how I can drag various components into a development environment and that brings me to my question:

Is OpenEMS more a framework with which you then can develop your own logic? or is OpenEMS a installable software that uses an abstraction layer to allow users to include and categorise your hardware - and then use logic that is already existing?

or asked the other way round:

  • I don’t know JAVA
  • I can at most rudimentarily adapt existing code
  • I have a PV system with battery, various smarthome and “dumb” devices and a wallbox for my EV
  • I would like to integrate these components with modest scripting effort and first of all
    ** create a dashboard that visualises the electricity consumption
    ** then activate or adapt various logics that trigger my controllable consumers depending on the PV yield.

Is this a task for OpenEMS? or do I have to develop my use cases JAVA on top of OpenEMS?

Just as a note, there is a duplicated post in German language here: