OpenEMS membership


We have applied for the membership via email ( and sent the documentation. But there’s no progress recvied yet. Could you share the progress?

Also do you have offline events around the period of Intersolar Munich? (Intersolar Europe – Home - Intersolar Europe)
If so we would like to visit there and have a meeting and discussion with you.


Hi Jin Zhang,

Thanks for getting in touch. I sent an internal reminder. Our office should get in touch with you soon.

We have an OpenEMS booth at the EM-Power Europe exhibition (next to Intersolar): B5.360

There is no offline event planned yet. @christof.wiedmann: do you know of any?

Personally I will unfortunately only be able to visit the exhibition on one day - most likely on 16th June.


Dear Stefan,

I’m Hiro Ikegami, a colleague of Zhang Jin in Girasol Energy and playing as CTO role.
Can you give us 1 to 2 hours meeting slot on 16th June in your booth? We want to
understand strategy of OpenEMS more cleary and discuss how Girasol Energy contributes it. I understand as you are leading person of this project based on activity on GitHub rep.

Girasol Energy in Tokyo, Japan is now trying and testing OpenEMS for future PJ in Japan. And Our evaluation result shows OpenEMS has good abstraction of EMS and we will use it. Then it will be quite important how to collaborate mainstream of OpenEMS.

We are now proceeding to prepare business trip to Munich for this purpose. It is bit too
short to get visas but I hope we can be there.

Hope for hearing back!