Undefined channel values

Dear All,
I just created a component that takes values from the simulated API that’s on my localhost and puts them into channels. On the backend side, they are sitting in the channels and I’m able to retrieve them using API REST/JSON component.

The problem is on the frontend side though. I created a new angular component following the pattern, I imported it, and as a result, I’m unable to pull the values from the channels since they are nulls, and it’s because in the frontend side the componentId seems to be “undefined”, as you can see on the following images.
Screenshot 2022-03-16 163021

The only configuration that I’ve done in the Web Console was turning on the Example component.

Can anybody help me to identify the root of this issue? Why the componentId is undefined?

For reference, here is my implementation.

The component in Java can be found here:

Next, I wrote a UI component, following the template. You can see it here:

Best regards everybody and thank you!

Hi Karolina,

sorry for the late reply… I was sick with Covid.

Unfortunately I am not able to open the code on Github. It shows a 404 error for me. Could you just copy the code here or open the repository for public access?


Hi Stefan,

thank you very much for your answer! I hope you’re feeling better. I actually figured already what happened: the key was to put the component’s name in the WidgetFactory in widgets.ts file…
For reference, here’s the new link to the code: GitHub - ktomaszewska97/openEMS_.

Best regards,

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