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I am currently working on a university project in partnership with Fenecon to add the cost, CO2, and their savings to the OpenEMS UI. I followed the getting started guide and have now got OpenEMS running with Eclipse. I have read through some forum posts, but I wasn’t able to find anything that could help me out. I want to edit the user settings. I was thinking about adding settings like this:

Then, to display the data, I was thinking of maybe adding an extra component called “Savings”. To display anything useful on the savings component, I would need to get the historic consumption data from the user and, I guess, some estimation or percentage of savings through Fenecon’s optimizations.

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I feel quite lost at the moment. I know how to program in Java, but I don’t know which scripts are relevant and how I get, modify, or add data, settings, and components. Could you point me in a direction where I can find out more information that could help me out?

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Leander Ziehm

Hi Smile,

we have a basic version of price/cost functionality, which nicely integrates in the OpenEMS UI. Unfortunately it has changed a lot of core components to add its functionality. Right now we are doing a redesign to make this an independent bundle so that it can be added to OpenEMS with only minor changes to the core components. Our plan was it, to enhance this module to provide CO2 information as well.

If you want you can send a private message with your contact information to @tsicking. He is the main developer for that module. Maybe we can find a way to work together on this bundle.

Regards, Chris

Hi Smile,

thanks for posting here!

I suggest putting the required settings in the UI under a new folder/widget in ‘src/app/edge/settings’ instead of ‘polluting’ the profile. Eventually the pricing thing might be more complicated, because we also actively support time-variable (ToU) prices - with different currencies currently coming… (I am pinging @venu-sagar here FYI)

For the ‘Savings’ Widget I would put it in the History tab. There you can also find examples that already query the historic data. Eventually my vision here would be to calculate the monetary values locally on the Edge (in Java), just like it is done with kWh values. These values could then be visualized and put in in context in the UI, just like it is currently done e.g. in Autarky.

I am also curious to find what Christian (c.lehne) and Thomas (tsicking) have been developing in that direction.


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What we have developed was very briefly the following: We have a widget on the live view showing the current price per kWh, which was calculated on the edge. On the history view we have a widget for the overall cost in €, which was calculated from the price (similar to the calculation of energy from power in the class CalculateEnergyFromPower), and that was also divided amongst the various consumers you have, like heat pump, evcs,…
You could do it of course simílarly with CO2-costs, that you have the emissions per kWh on the live view and the overall emissions on the history view.
As Chris wrote, we are currently doing a rework to make it a more closed and independent bundle, and we are happy about any input or suggestions on it.

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