Adding devices using odoo in GitPod

Using the gitpod example i am not able to add a edge device in both the edge ui (the add button goes nowhere. I suspect the installation route that the button reverences was never back-ported from FEMS) nor from odoo (i cannot not create a device as the name is required but read-only)

Which is correct and also not needed - as you need to specify it to your needs (i guess).

Also the Backports from FEMS do not suit everybody’s needs :smiley:

True, as the Demo still is a Demo and should demonstrate how it looks and somewhat how it works

In order to add a device via Odoo, I believe you need to login into Odoo, goto the OpenEMS application and create a setup protocol.

Part of the trick is you need to create a new device in the type ahead field for device name. I am sorry I do not have the exact field name in front of me so you might need to play around with the fields to find the type ahead.

Thanks @gsvitak-ionna, that did it! I also had to change the permissions of the user the backend is using