Ajax error while creating OpenEMS "Getting Started",

I’m trying to run OpenEMS and use OpenEMS getting started, but when I want to
do the first step I want to create the scheduler All Alphabetically. An Ajax error occurs. How can I fix it?

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Do you start the jar file inside an IDE? I think it is a problem with the runproperties. There you need to specify where OpenEms stores the configuration. Default is C:/openems/config and C:/openems/data. I assume you are on a linux distribution. Please update EdgeApp file to use runproperties with a path that is valid for your os.

You can also overwritte these parameter when starting the .jar file

  • felix.cm.dir
  • openems.data.dir

I hope that helps. Greetings!

Use the precompiled Version for starting purposes. Is easier to understand at first glance.

I run this JAR file in a terminal using this command as you described: java -Dfelix.cm.dir=/etc/openems.d -Dopenems.data.dir=/home/root/openems/data/ - jar openems-edge.jar
Unfortunately this gives me this error

did you maybe forget sudo?

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Just to elaborate a bit on this:

The command:

java -Dfelix.cm.dir=/etc/openems.d -Dopenems.data.dir=/home/root/openems/data/ - jar openems-edge.jar

  • sets the config directory to /etc/openems.d. This is where Apache Felix Configuration Admin stores its files
  • sets the OpenEMS data directory to /home/root/openems/data/. This is where OpenEMS stores files like RRD4j timeseries databases

To be able to write to /etc/openems.d, root privileges are required. This is why sudo has to be used here, i.e. sudo java -Dfelix.cm.dir=/etc/openems.d -Dopenems.data.dir=/home/root/openems/data/ - jar openems-edge.jar

Similar approach is used here in the docs: