Balancing Controller Max power adjustment rate


seit neuem gibt es in der Config des Symmetric Balancing Controller die Option “Max Power adjustment rate”. Wozu benötigt man das genau?


diese “Rate” reduziert die maximale Abweichung des neuen Wertes vom alten Wert (so wie ein P-Regler). Er wurde eingeführt, um ein Überschwingen des Speichers zu vermeiden.


For me there was no “Max Power Adjustement Rate” field.

And the “Controller Balancing Symmetric” does not work:

[Defective:ctrlBalancing0[Missing Bundle]|State:WARNING: A configured OpenEMS Component was not activated] _sum[State:Warning

Do you know this issue? What can be the solution? Thank you!

The “Max Power Adjustment Rate” configuration was replaced in the past with a more advanced PID filter that can be configured in the ESS Power component if required. It can be used to adjust control behaviour and speed according to actual system parameters like delay and ramp rate.

From the log it looks like the error was just reported for a few seconds and then disappeared. This can sometimes happen due to concurrency. I’ll keep this in mind and see if I can improve the error logging in this case.

The “Active Controller.Symmetric.Balancing” line shows, that the Controller has actually been activated, so everything should be fine than.