Beginner questions | openEMS on Linux host

Hi community,

today I heard about the OpenEMS project for the first time.
I decided to take a look into OpenEMS for my small home environment and was searching for any installation guide. The ‘Getting started’ section describes how to run/install OpenEMS, but this is, for my understanding, not suitable in my environment.

I have a linux host running (ubuntu 22.04) and only the command line. Unfortunately I have no glue about java :slight_smile:

Nevertheless I updated my ubuntu host to openJDK 17 and got the latest openems-edge jar-file. when executing this jar I got every second the information that no schedulers are configured.

2024-03-21T11:14:13,606 [_cycle ] WARN [ms.edge.core.cycle.CycleWorker] [_cycle] There are no Schedulers configured!

At this point I decided to stop and made a research for installation guides, but was not able to find one for my case (linux host, only cli).

Does anybody know, hos to get openems running on a “cli-only” linux host?

//EDIT: steps performed on ubuntu 22.04 for documentation purposes

  1. sudo apt-get update
  2. sudo apt-get upgrade
  3. sudo apt-get update && apt-get -y install openjdk-17-jdk
  4. wget

→ check github for latest version and change the link, if necessary

  1. sudo java -jar openems-edge.jar

–>[_cycle ] WARN [ms.edge.core.cycle.CycleWorker] [_cycle] There are no Schedulers configured!
—> These messages should be normal, as of Getting started Guide (section 3.1b). …will investigate later

  1. At this point OpenEMS is accessable at http://<your_IP>:8080/system/console/configMgr#


//EDIT: End

thanks in advance and best regards,


Hi Thomka,

you don’t need a GUI and you can configure OpenEMS with a set of configuration files. Unfortunately there is no documentation how you can do it.
What you descripe -There are no Schedulers Running- is exactly what you find in the getting started guide in the screenshot under Section 3.1b (last line).
This is great, as it indicates that your OpenEMS Edge application is already running.

I would strongly recommend using the felix browser configuration for the beginning, so please proceed with Section 3.2a.

In parallel you could watch your configuration directory (start param Everytime you do changes with the felix console, the directory will change. That way you can evaluate how you can configure OpenEMS edge by configuration files.
But in general I would recommend doing the configuration with a browser. It will safe you a lot of time. Doing configuration by file is error prone. You should know what you are doing before configuring OpenEMS that way.

Hope that helps.