Building UI in console

Hi there, I used to build OpenEMS backend and UI in console (entirely without eclipse) using

./gradlew buildUiForBackend

IIRC this worked for me up until 2021.13.0. Now I was trying to update to 2021.17.0 but gradle tells me that there is no task “buildUiForBackend” no more. I cannot find the corresponding change in git history, though and docs seem to not refer to gradle console build instructions any more either. Did I miss some intended changes to the gradle build process?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Tobi,

yes, this change came with FEMS Backports by sfeilmeier · Pull Request #1617 · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub - sorry for being lazy with the description. The gradle buildUiForBackend task has been dropped in favour of a more powerful task definition for the UI build via angular.json. The UI now supports powerful theming capabilities, for which we required this change. To build the default OpenEMS theme, use the following:

ng build -c "openems,openems-edge-prod,prod"

More build options:

Build definition in our Continous Integration via Github Actions:


Hi Stefan,

thank you for your fast response. I already saw those ng build instructions in and also the changes on angular theming support feature, but I didn’t get the clue. Your link to you CI workflow seems to do the trick. I now have a build job running, looks promising.

Again, thank you for your fast reply!


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