Can't find the electrolysers in OPENEMS

Hello OPENEMS Community! I’m new here and have a question. As the introduction mentions, Openems integrates electrolysers into its system. After an extensive search, I couldn’t find any information about the electrolysers. I’m working on a project that requires integrating electrolysers and simulating their behavior alongside an FC fuel cell within a complet system (PV,GW,BEES,FC,) In order to produce Hydrogen and meet the load demand of an isalnd. The attached graph and flow chart outline the project’s objectives. I hope to get a response soon. If electrolysers are not available, I’d like to explore alternative solutions.


Hello, openEMS is only for photovoltaik powered plants :slight_smile:

thank u for ur response, so there’s no alternative solution i think

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Hi @kmaruani and welcome to the OpenEMS Community.

While Sn0w3y is right, that most productive systems based on OpenEMS use photovoltaics in one way or the other, this is not a restriction. For example our own developments around Time-of-Use tariff based control of an energy storage system, does work very well even without PV (Mehr Freiheit in der Nutzung dynamischer Stromtarife – OpenEMS).

This report of a successful implementation of OpenEMS to control Diesel Generators could also be interesting to you → Grid demand management control using Diesel Generators

In the public OpenEMS repository there is indeed no trace of Electrolysers yet, but a lot of people use the OpenEMS framework to solve their individual project requirements. This includes Electrolysers as well as Redox-Flow batteries, and others. I do not have any source code of that though.

OpenEMS has a very good abstraction layer that supports these kind of developments by separating logic from device connectivity and protocols (see Edge Architecture :: Open Energy Management System)

The diagram you showed would be implemented as a new custom Controller in OpenEMS. The protocols for the different devices like Inverters, Electrolysers, are either already in the code or would have to be implemented. Easiest is, if your devices communicate via Modbus. Then it is very simple to connect them.


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