Connect Postgre DB to Edge

I want to connect the PostgreSQL Database to my Edge but facing consistent problems. Is there any resource that I can look into? about how to do it.


Currently there is no feature in OpenEMS Edge that uses PostgreSQL. We have an implementation in Backend, in the Odoo-Bundle (, though.

What exactly are you trying to achieve?


So is there any way to do it? referring to your answer you said that no features use PostgreSQL but can a PostgreSQL DB be connected to Edge?

So I was provided with the DB which holds some data. And what I want to do is to render that data in the GUI charts. The database is PostgreSQL so is there any option through which I can do that… The solution I thought was to connect the Edge with DB and then make calls, Which I think is not possible.

As @stefan.feilmeier already told you there is no way… only over the Backend/Odoo Implementation.

Simply no as you need the specific tables etc. generated by openEMS !

Also true. It is simply not possible as openEMS is a complete whole-in-one system which does that by itself and generates the values in the Database via Odoo/the Backend.