Consortium building for open-source peer-to-peer energy sharing platform

Hello OpenEMS community,

there is a EU [1] research call on “Creation of a standardised and open-source peer-to-peer energy sharing platform architecture for the energy sector” (HORIZON-CL5-2023-D3-03-05, innovation action, proposals to be submitted by 10 Oct 2023 [2], project execution during 2024-2027 if the bid is successful). We have a rump consortium for basic technologies and also some users, but expansion is possible into the following directions:
(1) users: an objective of the call is that the open-source energy sharing platform will be usable by e.g. citizen energy communities, so if you are one (and by virtue of being on this forum, you are open-source interested), that could be a good match. But also if you do services for energy communities/prosumers or energy trading in general, your contribution might be a good addition.
(2) technology integrators and supporters: while most of the core building blocks as such are covered, this could be a good match for anyone being interested in the topic to help communities and users with support and integration (and, as side-effect, to deepen your OpenEMS + peer-to-peer energy sharing platform expertise), this also could include (if you are interested) potentially standardization and policy-making

Do not be shy, speaking frankly, any partner not from Germany will improve the geographical balance :wink: If potentially interested, you are welcome to either answer here in the forum, or contact me directly.


Holger Blasum, Innovation Scout for Consolinno Energy GmbH Regensburg, Germany, , +49 174 7313590

[1] actually EU + some other European and overseas countries (e.g. Morocco, Israel, Ukraine, and many more), see “List of Participating Countries in Horizon Europe” or ping me if in doubt
[2] Funding & tenders

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