Creating 860 MHZ quasi Yagi

hi everyone , i am Energy Student and i am making my PHD . my subject is about creating a Temperatur Sensor , that can recieve 868MGHz Signals from the Left Side , the Angle of radiation between 90 and 180 . as a Prototype i thought about the Quasi Yagi antenna
Ihave to do the Simulation on Octave , whith help of open ems and FreeCAD .
I am having some problems whith knowing the formel for the calculation of Antenna parameters , Length , Width … and i have a problem whith the Codes of mesching and seeing the Plots of this Antenna on Octave.
Iwill be really greatefull if someone can help me whith some documents or Infos about the Theme , i am spending much time searching whithout any help .
best regards

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I am sorry but i have to tell you that this Forum (openEnergyManagementSystem) has nothing to do with

Maybe ask here: