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I am new to OpenEMS and excited to start a project involving a home energy management system. The main objective of this project is to efficiently manage energy usage using two sources: the grid and an Energy Storage System (ESS), like a battery. Additionally, I plan to integrate various devices into the system, such as a charging station for electric vehicles and other appliances.

The primary goal of the program I want to develop is to optimize energy consumption by utilizing energy from the battery whenever possible. When the battery is discharged or unavailable, the system will seamlessly switch to using energy from the grid. Moreover, I wish to implement smart control functionalities for the devices, such as scheduling vehicle charging during nighttime and using the air conditioner only when necessary.

To start this project, I intend to first create a simulation to test and fine-tune the system’s behavior before moving on to the hardware implementation. While I have already read through the documentation, I’m unsure of how to initiate the project and put all the pieces together.

If anyone has experience with OpenEMS or similar projects, I would greatly appreciate your guidance and assistance in getting started. Your insights and advice will be invaluable to me as I embark on this exciting venture.

Thank you!

Hi Adnana,

Welcome to the Community and I am glad you found OpenEMS. The project you have in mind is exactly what OpenEMS was designed for.

Of course our Getting Started guide is always a good way to learn about OpenEMS: Getting Started :: Open Energy Management System

I held a university lecture a few years ago about simulating energy flows in OpenEMS Edge + UI. The contents should still be mostly valid. It’s a PDF file in German, but you should be able to translate it easily:


thank you I appreciate it!.