CSV input format and simulation results


i’m trying to simulate my own data but I always have an error.
It seems that the format of the data in the csv file is not matching what openems is waiting for.

Can you give me a guide to know how to put data in the csv file?
I started with an excel file and save the sheet in csv.
I don’t know why the getValue function is splitting the value in two parts and i have no coma or separator character, for example the value “26050” is recorded as “26.0” and “5.0”

Next to that I would like to record the battery behaviour an see when it charges and uncharges.
Where can I find these logs?


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Hi siden,

can you give us more information. :slight_smile: I didnt even know this feature. Where can you upload a csv file and simulate data. Than i would have a look at the code. perhaps even upload your csv or parts of it. Thanks


I made a hack so that i can choose csv data in the configuration layout.
I could fix the issue by having exactly the same data layout that the examples given in the release.

for the recording of the data I could get something with the influxdb module. But It’s not really what I expected.
I would like to run the simulation at full speed and for each data line I have the EMS output.
where does the debug log record the data?
would it be possible to implement a csv output file?

Hi Siden,

from your description it appears that your CSV format was using comma (",") as thousands separator. By default the datasource implementation uses comma as line separator and point as decimal separator.

The DebugLog itself does not record the data, but it would be easy to extend it to write data to a CSV file. Just extend the “run()”-method accordingly.

Also the Influx component reads all the values and writes them to InfluxDB: https://github.com/OpenEMS/openems/blob/develop/io.openems.edge.timedata.influxdb/src/io/openems/edge/timedata/influxdb/InfluxTimedata.java#L106