Datasource-Controller Question

I am a newbie at OpenEMS and programming in general, but i find this project a great initiative.
I am currently trying to develop a controller which reads a series of data and then implements it. I have tried to make the controller get the data from a datasource, like a simulated meter does, but I get a bunch of errors. Is it at all possible for the controller to read data from a datasource? And if so how?

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Hi Benjamin,

and welcome to the OpenEMS Community. Well… yes, in principle this is possible and you might be able to follow the existing code examples of implementing a datasource (Example) and consuming it (Example).

I must admit that I did not entirely understand what you want to achieve. Also please mention the detailed error messages, so that we are able to support. Furthermore it helps if you can provide your code in a public repository on GitHub, so that we could even download it or run it in Gitpod.