DC Chargers in ESS Modal widget

Recently, we were confused when looking at the ESS modal widget in the UI (see Screenshot):

On that edge, we have two Hybrid-ESSs activated (SMA and Sungrow), and their DC chargers appear in the ESS widget, and the power values are their Actual Powers. Similarly, in the history widget the DC chargers appear. We found that confusing, as to our understanding, the DC chargers are the PV parts of a Hybrid ESS and should appear only in the production widgets (where they appear, too).
After we saw that the Chargers don’t appear in the ESS widget on another edge, we dug a bit deeper and found that the chargers only appear when more than one ESS is activated, see here:

We are now wondering why
a) the chargers appear in the ESS widget at all and
b) they only appear when there is more than one ESS activated.

Does anyone have any explanation fot r this?

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Thanks Thomas. No, there is no specific reason for this behaviour. It’s just what happens when creating 1000-lines long untested logic in HTML…

The file is on the list to be refactored similarly to the Consumption Modal, by extending an AbstractFormlyComponentopenems/ui/src/app/edge/live/common/consumption/modal/modal.ts at develop · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub

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