DC-Microgrids Integration

I and I am sure many other would like to have DC-microgrid integration within OpenEMS. Examples would be DC consumers, DC-coupled PV, DC-DC converters, DC-link…etc.

Some parts are already integrated, for example DC-Coupled PV (Victron). but the others normally dont have “measurements” so i dont know what you mean by “integrate” dc-dc converters :D. what should happen than?!? to turn them off or on, you have the possibility over relays.

Hi @p.wimmer,

The Hoymiles inverters for example are an interesting Micro-Inverter to Implement for example as they provide Settings aswell.
The “DTU” which is needed is expensive and the only way to control the Inverter (Set Maximum SellToGrid Value etc.)

Also the Hoymiles Inverters have “measurements” :slight_smile:

Another approach (I have it running myself at home) is openDTU. But if it was in openEMS it would be a GREAT step !

Greetings :wink:

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