Difficulty merging develop branch into stale branch feature/microcare-comms-bridge

I was working on a feature for OpenEMS that would allow MC-Comms communication via a generic bridge. I was working on the feature/microcare-comms-bridge branch. I’ve been working on other projects for some time and have not updated this branch with upstream changes from the develop branch until recently. I’ve merged the changes as best I could, but have run into an issue where activating the MC Comms Bridge component leads to the following output: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JqxwbHBghm/

I suspect I’m missing something fairly obvious that should have been done during the merge.

Hi Kyle,

good to have you here. The error is actually no error… I pulled your branch and the MC-Comms bridge gets actually activated properly.

The error message comes from a little service I wrote to detect Components that do not get executed - e.g. if they @Reference other Components that are not configured/enabled. This check is done in OsgiValidateWorker. The problem is, that in order to check if your Component is activated, it needs to implement the OpenemsComponent interface, which your MC-Comms bridge currently does not.

I added a commit to your branch, that fixes it:


Thanks Stefan, I appreciate the fix.