Error during displaying historic datas

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I suddenly occur a new problem after i successfully launched ui and backend application when i try to use to the HISTORIC in ui website.I followed UI History Simulation and Integrate OpenEMS Backend as creating TimeData.Dummy and MetaData.Dummy as tutorial even if i am actually not sure what is the differents between them and have no idea how data transfers from my edge to UI.I mean like i am a bit confused about the resource of these data i am gonna display in the UI,are they actually from the “timedata.csv” as UI History Simulation said or from my recently simulated data in edge.

I actually receive a warning that warns me
[Timedata.Dummy] I do not support querying historic data
[Timedata.Dummy] I do not support querying historic energy
when i try to view historic datas in ui website

Then my new question is,are “data” and “energy” sort of specific name that i named them somewhere as exctly the word “data” and “energy” and then when and where did i named them,or they are actually two categorys that defined by openems somewhere and so what that means for.

thanks for any tips making me know HISTORIC more

Best appreciation in advance

fixed by adding support for influxdb

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