Error response when triggering simulator app through API request

Hello everyone,

I am new to OpenEMS. I was trying to trigger the simulator app from a rest client with the JSON RPC request mentioned here (Please find the screenshot below). But I am getting an error response like below:-

{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“id”:“7132233f-1ca3-1eb3-8800-86d246d47c1d”,“error”:{“code”:1,“message”:“Unable to get Response: Unable to find OpenEMS Component with ID [_simulator]”,“data”:[“Unable to get Response: Unable to find OpenEMS Component with ID [_simulator]”]}}

The server is up and running well and I have sent the JSON request mentioned in the OpenEMS documentation. So I am not understanding why it is not working as expected.

Could any of you please help me find out what is going wrong here?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Anand,

welcome to the OpenEMS Community.

The error says that the OpenEMS Component with ID _simulator is missing. Make sure you activate the Simulator App either via Apache Felix Web Console or OpenEMS UI “Add Component”.

The Simulator is still work in progress, but I am curious to know more about your progress and experiences, once it works.


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Hi Stefan,

Thank you very much for the help. It is working fine now that I activated it via Apache Felix console.

I am starting to look at the simulator to study how it works so that maybe it will be helpful to tailor it to any specific requirements in the future.

Really appreciate the quick support and guidance.

Best regards,

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