Export Limitation in Simulation

Hello ;

We’re planing to use OpenEMS for a microgrid project in our university.
It involves with PV system, Battery Storage System, Utility Import/Export.

Before we invest in HW and Infrastructure. We tried to simulate our system and we followed example in OpenEMS ‘ s Doc and community . All of it work fine.

BTW, Grid code in our country has rule that limits the overall power exported into the grid. So I was wondering that

  1. how can I simulate system with Export limitation
  2. how can I simulate system with zero export function

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks for your time.

Hi Eka,

great to hear about your project. Please keep us updated as you progress. If you plan to publish a scientific paper, please quote us via our Zenodo ID: GitHub - OpenEMS/openems: OpenEMS - Open Source Energy Management System

In which country do you live?

The ‘grid meter’ is of course not controlled, so to restrict the feed-in/grid-export power, you have to control any of the controllable devices, e.g.


Hello Stefan,

Thank you for information.
We are Smart Grid Unit team in university in Thailand.
We are looking for some opensource for EMS to implement in our university and we found OpenEMS is very interesting. So we decided to learn more in detail about this project.

for our question, we plan to use PV inverter as a control devices.
But we cannot find any example that explain how to using PV inverter as a export limitation device in simulation mode.

So, could you guide our team more in detail about how to implement it in openems.

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks for your time.