From simulation to reality

Hello everyone,

I ran the simulation for OpenEMS edge, where i configured 3 meters: GridMeter, Production Meter and NRC Meter, each with its own datasource. everything works well!

In a real implementation of the Edge, do i have to configure 3 meters in order for it to work? or can it be done with one meter?


Hi Ghada,

please see the explanation about simulation I just wrote in another thread:

In a productive system you do usually have at least a physical Grid-Meter at the grid connection point. We often use SOCOMEC or Janitza meters via Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP for that purpose. Additionally it’s recommended to measure also the production either via a separate Production meter or by direct communication with a PV inverter (e.g. Fronius, KACO, Kostal, SMA, via SolarLog, or generic SunSpec compatible.

The Consumption can usually not be measured and is calculated from Grid, Production and Energy Storage power.


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Thank you @stefan.feilmeier for your reply.

Another question, when migrating from a development environment to a production environment, what do I need to do? Other than the additional security that a production environment adds, is there a difference between the two?
I’m asking because I’m running two edges and one backend in a dev environment, and the connexion between the edges and the backend is unstable (it disconnects and reconnects often), so I thought maybe the production environment may fix this issue.

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Hi @ghada

you could check out this thread:
Edge + UI Deployment - ein grober Leitfaden - Deutsches Forum - OpenEMS Community

I found it recently and figured out that I set it up very similarly.
My suggestions are:

  • Hide your backend websockets behind an nginx as described in the thread above
  • Serve the ui with that same nginx
  • Use Hetzner Cloud for Hosting (Loadbalancer with managed SSL/TLS certificate)
  • Use two servers (One for the application, one for the influxdbv2 server)

This will allow you to easily scale, update, backup, restore your system.


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@simonfey thank you for your reply, will definitely check it.