Getting Started Problems

I’m getting started with OpenEMS.
I followed the guide step by step but it seems it’s not working for me.
First of all I get these warnings like Description Resource Path Location Type Build path specifies execution environment JavaSE-1.8. There are no JREs installed in the workspace that are strictly compatible with this environment. io.openems.backend.edgewebsocket.api Build path JRE System Library Problem

Then, when I try to run the BackendApp, these erros are shown.

Finally, when I try to open http://localhost:8080/system/console/configMgr (Apache Felix Web Console Configuration) , the site can’t be reached.

Could you help me with this?

Thank you

Hi lauralrn,

i think i had the same issue with the new version of Eclipse with included JRE. Eclipse 2020-09 now needs Java 11 instead Java 8.

For version 2020-09 this works for me.

  1. add following text in eclipse.ini (C:\Users*USERNAME*\java-2020-09\eclipse\eclipse.ini)
    (maybe the java version differs to yours)
  2. add Java 1.8 JRE in Window->Preferences