Goodwe ESS conflict

Hey all

I’ve been setting up and testing OpenEMS since a couple of days now.
My GoodWe ET inverter is still connected to a Loxone instance, as I have implemented some basic controls there (force charge/discharge of the battery, limit PV output etc). This is done via Modbus TCP.

I’ve connected the inverter via Modbus RTU to my OpenEMS server and I am now well connected to both.
I understand that using 2 systems as EMS gives conflicts. That’s why I turn OpenEMS off when I am not testing it.

However, since that usage, the EMSPowerMode and EMSPowerSet functions I am using in Loxone are being overruled. I for example set the EMSPowerMode to 11 (to force charge of battery from grid), and I can see in my Loxone logs it’s being executed. However, after a few seconds, it turns back to the default value of 1.

In the SolarGo app I have a diagnostic message: Code: 33554496 - The battery is not charging. The discharge function is turned on.

Is there a value I need to change in order to “disable” this state? I’ve gone through the code but couldn’t really find it.

Thanks in advance