GoodWe GW3600S-BP implementation

Hello all!

For an test i’m looking in configuring an openEMS set with battery (pylontech us3000c) and an invertor (GoodWe - GW3600S-BP).
If i look into the supported invertors is don’t see this model, only the GW*-BT and GW*-ET (source)

Is it possible to connect this invertor? Or are all the registers not the same?
And is it ‘do-able’ to create an new connector for specific this invertor? Or is it difficult and a lot of work?
(i have some Java programming experiance, but that was 15 years ago…

So why don’t take the GW*-BT invertor? Simply because it needs 180V battery, and the pylontech is 48v.

Or are there developers you can hire for building this integration? (the marketplace seams quite empty…)

Hi, and welcome to the OpenEMS Community!

From experience I can say, that modbus protocols for different GoodWe hybrid inverters are similar. Usually simple charge/discharge commands should be easy to do, but more advanced control might still require significant amount of implementation work.

There are some companies available for OpenEMS contracting, mainly members of the OpenEMS Association. Currently FENECON has the most in-depth experience for implementing battery inverters, but we are not available for direct OpenEMS contracting - only as part of our efforts with FENECON products.

I don’t have any personal experience with the “GW3600S-BP”, but I’ll be happy to support you on your first steps. See this thread for some first advices an implementing a battery inverter: ESS that can talk with OpenEMS using Modbus TCP - #4 by stefan.feilmeier.

Can you provide a modbus protocol? That’s anyhow always the first step… :slight_smile: