Help with UI Section of Getting Started Tutorial

After a few issues I have gotten to Step 4. of Getting Started. When I start my UI, I see this.

The lower image is what it is supposed to look like. Mine is missing the Grid on the Energy Monitor and the Grid display. Also it’s in German.

I would very much appreciate help getting the right display, with Grid display and how to get the display in English.


Hi, and welcome to the OpenEMS Community!

Unfortunately it seems like the OpenEMS UI provided by Consolinno is currently outdated. We had a breaking change recently with the introduction of the “ElectricityMeter” type - and their demo UI is most likely not up to date yet.

Till then, can you please setup a UI locally using the following guide?

The language can be defined in the user settings. Open the “Burger Menu” on top left and you’ll find the setting there.


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Here’s what I see using the existing UI. Are you saying I need to build a new UI before anything is going to work?


No, what I meant was, that you need to build the UI locally to see the “Grid” widget.

The screenshot you posted is unrelated to the outdated OpenEMS UI. The “Alerting” feature needs a specific implementation in the Backend, that is not supported in the “DummyMetadata”. Currently only the “OdooMetadata” implementation supports this feature, that’s why the error message is shown.

Sorry, i updated the ui. hope it works now again.

best regards


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I’m sorry, I don’t understand. How are any changes you made getting to my system? I don’t see anything on github? What branch should I be on?

I opened the UI and it now gives me a blank screen.

i dont know what you mean?
you have started openems locally and activated a websocket like mentioned in the getting started?
if you do so, it should connect over the websocket with your installation

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@JimsterCoder I updated the docs yesterday to better explain the state of “locally started” and “hosted” UI. My changes are in this PR (Docs: Update Getting Started & Implementing a Device by sfeilmeier · Pull Request #2331 · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub).

See the updated docs: Getting Started :: Open Energy Management System

@p.wimmer We should definitely work on having the hosted UI built automatically in future. It should be possible via Github Workflow ( and Github Pages (Easy Steps to Host an Angular App in GitHub Pages | Syncfusion Blogs)


I have just followed the Getting Starting exactly, again. Using the newest ‘main’ branch.

The UI does not work. As seen below.
There is no login box. The screen is blank.
This is quite frustrating.

I’m sorry to be such a pain… what have I done wrong?

Can you try building OpenEMS UI locally? Setup IDE for OpenEMS UI :: Open Energy Management System

Unfortunately I do not have control over the prebuilt version by Consolinno.

I did build it local with some success. Please see Setup IDE for OpenEMS UI: not working - #2 by JimsterCoder

I would appreciate some feedback on the issues I faced.