How to config ESS controller by REST API?

I have simulated the grid system by adding the symmetric ESS and I want to explore how to change the ESS operation, I experiment by adding the controller by fix active power and It work if I set by UI approach but I try to use the REST API approch, I found that the value have fix value from UI setting and the the value channel set in the READ ONLY mode that I cannot POST the new values my questions is

  • Why the property value is set in the read only mode ?
  • If possible to set the controller by REST API ?

Do you already have added the Controller Rest JSON Read/Write or only the Rest JSON Read ?

Yes, I already added it.

these are simulator components in my system.

Hi @NnT,

I understand that your aim is to provide a set-point to an ESS, i.e. you want to send a charge/discharge command to an ESS from Python. Correct?

You have two options:

1. Via a Fix Active-Power Controller

This is what you are currently trying. In order to provide a new set-point, you have to reconfigure the Controller. Till now you were doing that via Apache Felix, but you can also do this via the JSON/REST-Api. See → Configuration :: Open Energy Management System → updateComponentConfig and → Controller :: Open Energy Management System

If you plan to send new set-points regularly - e.g. once per second, you should go for option 2:

2. Via SetActivePowerEquals Channel

With this approach you are directly setting the WriteChannel on the ESS. Follow the documentation here → Controller :: Open Energy Management System.

There is also a good documentation by FENECON, which applies to OpenEMS Edge as well → REST/JSON - Lese-/Schreibzugriff :: FENECON Dokumente


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Oh, Thank you so much ! I’ve been stuck in this issue for almost a week, now I can update the new set point by outside (via Python scripts).

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