How to configure and run the OpenEMS platform?

Hi everyone,

We are a web development company and we are venturing into the OpenEMS platform as one of our customers wants us to run an instance of the OpenEMS on a cloud and configure it to suit the needs of their customers. Later, they want us to add any additional front or back-end development to fully customize OpenEMS to their needs. To start the development on our end, we want to know the following.

  1. What modules of the OpenEMS can be customized - OpenEMS Edge, OpenEMS UI, and the OpenEMS (core or the cloud module)? Can all these three modules be customized through code?
  2. We understand that a JAVA developer is needed to customize OpenEMS Edge and an Angular/TypeScript developer. Do we need a backend database developer and a C++ or Octave/Matlab developer to apply customizations in the cloud module?

Any help from this community will be highly appreciable. Thanks in advance!

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