Influxdb data queueing

Hi All,

I have set up the openems on a test and is using it to monitor a random single phase meter. Currently, I have a aws server that is running influxdb to capture the data stream. My question is regarding internet stability. If I have weak connectivity, I seem to lose data. Does the influxdb service, built into openems, have some sort of a queueing service to buffer some data locally, if the internet connection is lost? Or how would you suggest me solving this issue?

Looking forward to your comments.



are you using the local Timedata.InfluxDB on the OpenEMS Edge to connecto the AWS InfluxDB? In such a setup I would recommend running an OpenEMS Backend on the AWS server, because the Edge to Backend connection is better suited for unstable connections.

We are internally working on a local cache and resending feature, built using a local RRD4j timeseries database. Unfortunately InfluxDB showd some implementation problems when using this backfilling/resending together with continuous aggregates. That’s why we currently stopped this development and switch to TimescaleDB first (see this thread: New integration: TimescaleDB)


Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the reply, it is much appreciated.

I will do as you have suggested. When do you think will the new local RRD4j database be available for implementation in this regard? Would be great to know the data is backed up locally so that no data is lost.

Keep up the good work!



Hi Bart,

the local RRD4j database is already available and can simply be activated. It stores the data locally for about one month in a round-robin database to make sure, that a local SD card or eMMC does not wear out.

The logic to resend data in case of internet connection problems to the Backend will be added to the Backend-Api-Controller.