InfluxDB recommendations for retention policy

Hello fellas,

slowly but surely I will come to a point where I run out of disk space for the Influxdb running on the server.
I never created additional retention policies besides the default autogen.
Can you tell me what RPs you set up? Any recommendations?

Hi Andreas,

I am using 30d> 15min, 365d> 60min for beside of autogen.

Maybe others have other values.


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Hi Thorsten,

thanks for your reply.
So I guess you created two CQs as described here
to do the automatic downsample?
As I understand it, I will also have to change the queries in the Influxconnector inside OpenEMS to be able to query data outside of autogen.

That whole retention policy thing is a bit confusing to me. It seems that just creating additional RPs wouldn’t change anything unless creating CQs and therefore also changing the queries inside OpenEMS to be able to retrieve downsampled data.

Hi Andreas,

there are two related approaches.

  1. Retention Policy

  2. Continuous Queries

All in all I am currently not too happy with InfluxDB because of these issues. I hope that InfluxDB version 2 will solve them. I am also looking into TimescaleDB ( which seems to handle these cases much smarter, has built-in replication on server clusters and builds on rock-solid PostgresQL - but I did not start any development in that direction yet.


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Hi Stefan,

thank you for the explenation. Now I have a much clearer understanding.