Integrate weather data for forecasts

I am continuing the discussion from Github Issue #7 here ( Since we started the issue in 2017 a lot of development in this direction happened.

OpenEMS Edge now has a Predictor API ( that allows dynamic activation of Predictor services. One very simple predictor was already implemented using the ‘same-as-last-day’ approach. (

Following this API definition the development is currently two-folded. On one side we (@venu-sagar) are working on a Self-consumption-optimization algorithm using the prediction. On the other side there is work being done in implementing a production prediction service using statistical or machine learning techniques which is eventually also going to integrate weather forecasts. This is part of our scientific research project EMSIG (, led by @pooran.c in collaboration with University Passau.

Possible providers for weather prediction are:

Please leave your comments here if this is interesting for you, so that we can join forces…



There’s been quite a bit of statistical research at my Uni (Nelson Mandela University) regarding PV output, but most of it has been around aggregate seasonal output vs PV panel type. There may be some interest in using advanced statistical methods to predict PV output for a given period given weather data and other affecting factors. Would EMSIG possibly have grants available for such research?

Ok, interesting. Unfortunately, as an already approved and ongoing research project funded by the German state of Bavaria, there are no grants available in EMSIG. Generally there is the possibility to apply for such scientific public+private funding projects. I don’t know if there are such projects that would cover African + European projects.

I’ll point our colleagues at University Passau to this thread. Maybe they are able to add some facts about the current state of research.

As far as I know, there are no projects involving non-european partners right now. All the “bigger” projects in which we are enrolled are funded by the EU comission

At the current state of our research we’ve analyzed multiple APIs for weather forecasting. The main limitation of these is their rather international bias, making them unusable for our needs and/or the lack of solar radiation values. We are currently focusing on

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This is really a intersting module.
I’ve been discussing with steadysun to provide irradiance data forecats a few years ago

they can provide good irradiance data and even direcly the power from your solar plant based on sattelite data.