Integrating Charging Session Data with OpenEMS EVCS Simulator or EVCS Cluster

Hello OpenEMS Community,
I’m currently working on a involving simulating and managing Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS) using OpenEMS. I have access to data related to charging sessions, including start and stop times, as well as meter readings.

I would like to integrate this charging session data with either the OpenEMS EVCS Simulator or EVCS Cluster to create realistic simulations and optimize charging schedules. However, I’m facing challenges in understanding how to perform this integration effectively.

Specifically, I’m interested in:

Integrating Charging Session Data: What steps should I take to integrate data related to charging sessions (start and stop times, meter readings) with the OpenEMS EVCS Simulator or EVCS Cluster?

Data Format and Mapping: How should I structure and format the charging session data to align with the requirements of the EVCS Simulator or EVCS Cluster components in OpenEMS?

Tools or Interfaces: Are there specific tools, interfaces, or methods within OpenEMS that facilitate the integration of external data sources with these components?
Thank you in advance for your assistance and expertise.

Best regards,