Is this forum suitable for beginners?

Hello, if not suitable, which forum would you suggest?

Hi Berntd,

sorry for not replying earlier. Sure, just use this board for general questions. If required we can still move it to another forum. We will be glad to help you out.

What are your plans with OpenEMS?


Hi Stefan,

I am new to the topic aswell. I would like to know if there are crash courses to learn how to edit the dashboard and implemented new features?

I successfully did the getting started already (thank you for that btw).

Is there a chance to get a remote class or something? Obviously i m willing to pay for it.

Thanks a lot and best regards


Hi Michael,

Thanks for getting in touch. There are currently no real classes available and also there is not too much open discussion in the community board about user interface topics unfortunately. My colleague Fabian is working nearly full-time on the user interface here at FENECON. He is also registered in the community board, so please feel free to open a topic and asks all the questions you have.

I prefer open discussions in the board as they help everybody with onboarding. But if you prefer a “private, payed class”, I am sure you can get in touch with @fabianfnc directly, as well.