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I have a proposal in the field of different languages.

When I was checking various materials and topics, I realized that most users, in their first interaction with this system, look for changing the language to their native language or the language they are interested in communicating with.

This made me think that with such a good forum, you can get help from different people and add new languages.

This can have several advantages.
:one:. Increase public engagement
:two:. Make it easy to work with the software
:three:. Increase people’s willingness to use the system
:four:. Google translation and artificial intelligence is still not perfect and does not have the ability to accurately translate words in some languages with human meaning

There are two views for this issue that can be the starting point of this movement. :v:

First, due to the migration of different people to different countries, for example, a Japanese-speaking person in Switzerland may benefit from this system.
And secondly, the increase in demand for energy and rapid changes in climate will cause all countries to use this system in the near future, and having multilingual capabilities that can cover their languages will increase the use and interaction of people. With this system and finally having a world with clean air.

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I’m the author of PR for Japanese language support to UI. feat: add japanese language support to ui by miettal · Pull Request #2538 · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub
I am very honored to contribute to this language addition.
I also gained some knowledge about adding languages, so I would like to share them with you.

  • Multilanguage support provides a good abstraction layer of localization. Currently, some display text is hardcoded in German. If we improve those kinds, OpenEMS portability will be increased.
  • Besides Language, there are different Unit System(Imperial, Meter), different Number & Date Format. If we improve those kinds, OpenEMS will be used by more people.
  • (This is just my idea) I feel the Languages support matrix (like languages x {Managed by official or not, % of translation, maintainer}) is useful for this project, if we can. Currently, this information is not documented and (dev) users cannot know it until using it.

// I strongly believe OSS should work everywhere, be usable by everyone, and be portable to all hardware/platforms. I hope OpenEMS will be them!

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Thank you both.

True. This should be valid only for a few places in the code, but I understand it is annoying. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Only recently we added support for Currencies; different unit systems has been out of scope till now - also number and date formats have not been handled properly till now… as we are also pushing to more international markets, we will most likely also start working on those topics.

I believe Weblate could solve exactly this. At FENECON we are currently implementing Weblate as our translation tool, so we already integrate it with OpenEMS and our internal Continous Integration workflow here. That could be copied over to the open source project as well.


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