Linux installation documentation

Hi guys,

i want to get started with the openEms project. But is there any good linux setup manual available?
When i follow the documentation i copy the git reposy in step 2

Getting Started :: Open Energy Management System (

in the step 2 this seems only documented to run on windows?

can you guys put me in the correct direction?

on Linux you can just do a

$ git clone

and you do not need Sourcetree.


But i mean afterwards.

Setup Eclipse IDE for OpenEMS Edge and Backend => seems only for windows?

No, you can follow the exact steps in the guide to set up a development environment.

You also can build the edge and backend apps using gradle without installing eclipse:

$ ./gradlew buildEdge
$ ./gradew buildBackend

I hope it is helpful for you.


Can i find this in the documentation somewhere?

no just take a look at build.gradle file. :+1:

Best Regards