Logos in AppCenter

Hallo zusammen,

wie löst man die Logos im AppCenter? Also wie kann man diese Implementieren?

Bei mir sieht es bis dato nur so aus:


Hi @Sn0w3y,

most App (e.g. JanitzaMeter.java) inherit form AbstractOpenemsAppWithProps which inherits from AbstractOpenemsApp. That code provides a getImage() method:

Note line 277. Easiest way is it to put a file JanitzaMeter.png in the same directory where JanitzaMeter.java is located and recompile your openems-edge.jar.
Same works for most apps.

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Downside of @c.lehne’s approach is, that you need to add files to the Bundle, which makes merging more difficult.

Alternatively you can solve this by defining a publically URL in your custom UI environment file. Example

	APP_IMAGE: (language: string, appId: string): string | null => {
		return 'https://example.com/images/' + appId + '.png';

openems/ui/src/themes/openems/environments/theme.ts at develop · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub


Nice, we were internally talking about this option. Did not know that it is already implemented ;-).

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Very interesting finding:

             * The current order of the displayed image of an app is:
             * Image from edge -> Image from Url -> No image just the app name