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opernikus GmbH is an IT service company with a focus on the expansion of renewable energies. We pursue the topic of energy management using methods from energy informatics.

We have built a platform around OpenEMS and other open source projects, on the basis of which we offer our customers energy monitoring as well as charging and energy management.

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  • IT services. We offer driver and controller development for your OpenEMS project. We follow an agile approach and document the progress in stories and defects. This means that our customers always have transparency about the development, can incorporate new requirements and re-prioritize topics if necessary.
  • Energy management platform as a service. Based on OpenEMS and other open source solutions, we offer an energy management platform as a service. We take care of the operation, monitor the correct functionality and install security-relevant updates. If you wish, you can use the platform as a white label solution for your customers.
  • Individual energy management projects. We are happy to implement your individual requirements relating to charging and energy management in properties.

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München und Rüdershausen (lower saxony).

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Christian Lehne
opernikus GmbH