Mistake? in the getting startet

Hello Everybody,

I encountered a problem in the “getting started”. There it tells you to clone the develop branch which I did. But then I had problems raching the apache felix web console (I did make a post about it: Change port for web console - #3 by Tobi)

But I realised that the version I was running (2021.20) was not the latest release version (2021.19) but a newer one. My problems were fixed by using the 2021.19 version from the master branch, not the develop branch as the getting started tells me to.

I am not sure if that was just a coincidence but from my understanding the version from the develop branch is not a fully functioning one and still under development. So I think it would be better to tell people in the getting started to clone the master branch.

Best Regards


Hi Tobi,

thanks for reporting. You are right, it might be a good idea to point to master, as it is generally considered to be the stable branch.

But as the master branch is eventually replaced by develop when we do a release: what was the error you experienced?


Hi Stefan,

to be honest I can´t really tell you anything more than what I descriped in the other post (other post). I coudn´t reach the apache felix web console via my browser. In there I also put a pice of the console output, maybe that helps.

If you want to try to recreate the issue, what I did is exacly what the “getting started” told me to. At least until step 3.2 where I encountered the issue. Then I changed the port used for the web console from 8080 to 8888. And when using the link to the web console got the Error 404.

Best Regards,


Hi Tobi,

Thank you anyway. It indeed sounds like the problem was, that there was another application already listening on port 8080 on your system. This is possibly not even unlikely, as this is a very common port for applications that provide an HTTP service like OpenEMS and do not require super-user permissions - which would be required to listen to the default HTTP port 80.

It might be still a good idea to mention this possible error in the Getting Started.

Thank you again.

Regards, Stefan