Multichannel meter Acrel ADW210


I am about to start implementing a multi channel (4x 3phase) power meter and would like some guidance.

The meter is a Acrel ADW210, modbus RTU communication (

My question(s):

The device is a meter, hence I would like to implement the Meter Nature/api, but it appears to me that the meter nature assumes a meter would only measure one set of 3 phases?

From my initial look at this task, I would implement the device for one set of 3 phase measurements using the meter Nature - and then in my configuration of the edge device have four instances of this activated.

So far I had quick look - so if there is a neat way to have all four channels defined in one bundle, please let me know.

Thank you.

Hi @jbm,

I would implement it in a way, so that every “channel” in the end results in one instance of your Component, i.e.

  • meter1 → channel1
  • meter2 → channel2
  • meter3 → channel3
  • meter4 → channel4

This means you would have to configure four instances of your Component. In order to distinguish them, you could add an enum Config setting Channel.

Does that work for you?


Hi Stefan

Yes, it will work. Thank you. I wanted to check if I was missing a detail - and this is also what had identified as implementation route.

Thank you.

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