New Implementation of Growatt

Hello :slight_smile:

Did somebody already manage to Implement Growatt Hybrid Inverters ?

Greetings !

Hi Sn0w3y, we are working on it. Expect to have an update in a week or so.

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wow ! could you be so nice and share the Code with us if it is finished ? :slight_smile:

Hey Sn0w3y, I would have to check with the team but I’m sure we’re okay because that’s one of the reasons we’re working with open source :wink: And surely you support the idea of win win so hopefully, eventuallly you have things to share in returin at some point.

Okay if I get back to you in the course of this week?


Sure, even though open Source is not a trading :smiley: You can find ALL of my Implementations on my PR’s to the main Repo of openEMS ! :slight_smile:

Would be GREAT to hear from you next week !!
Maybe i can help you to improve it aswell?

you are so right… :smiling_face:
will update you asap.

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Hey @DennisT :slight_smile:
Just wanted to ask you how far you have come and if there is the possibility to get the Code ? :slight_smile:

Hi Sn0w3y, I’m sorry, I was a but quick and enthusiastic to respond. Yes we’re working on the integration and happy to share but not sure how fast. In due time we’ll point you to the pull request. I’m happy to provide you some background info (lots of open EMS activity outside of Germany :slight_smile: if you want though, just e-mail me on


Done ! :slight_smile:
Sent you an E-Mai l!