OpenEMS Release 2020.17.0


  • Improvements on energy values (#1187)
    • Adjust driver components for GoodWe, Sinexcel, Carlo Gavazzi, KACO blueplanet gridsave, Janitza UMG96RME and all the Simulators
    • Improve handling throughout the stack in OpenEMS Edge and OpenEMS UI
  • Implement BMW battery (#1199)
    • as used in the award winning FENECON Industrial energy storage platform
  • Implement historic energy with local timeseries database RRD4J (#1198)
  • Implement SOCOMEC Countis E23 meter 60519cc

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fix BackendApp.bndrun: Update & resolve 7aa7be7
  • Fix Backend-UI: Show ‘no edges’ warning only after connection was fully established c18f6dd
  • Fix AbstractReadChannel: detection of changed values. This avoids unnecessary calls to the onChangeCallbacks 2f58826
  • Fix StartStoppable: calls to start() and stop() fab676d
  • Fix behaviour for optional configuration parameters f032667
    • An optional configuration parameter is a parameter that is defined as ‘required = false’ within the @AttributeDefinition in
      Before the behaviour for optional ‘int’ parameters used to be, that they would default to ‘0’ if they were not provided. Now - maybe caused by an update to Apache Felix Configuration Admin - they default to an empty String which causes a NumberFormatException.
  • Fix Controller.Api.Websocket: subscribe topic for event handler b019ee5
    • Fixes the error on startup: WARN [org.apache.felix.eventadmin ] EventAdmin: Invalid EVENT_TOPICS : Missing - Ignoring ServiceReference
  • Fix Soltaro.Single.VersionA: implement SoltaroBattery interface 3ed6dac
  • Fix RRD4j: fix last timestamp check
  • Fix Generic.Ess: mixed up handlers for StopBatteryInverter and StopBattery cc8d30b
  • Fix SDM630 meter: modbus registers 4988750
  • Event Admin: disable timeout 0ffd25e
  • Antora docs: update versions for dependencies 3497e23