OpenEMS Release 2020.18.0


  • UI: Improve Excel export (#1194), 98c7b61, aa7e523
    • grafik
  • UI: Show detailed field description for component install and update 7a4e87a
    • grafik
  • Balancing Schedule Controller (#1207): this refactoring of the existing “Balancing Schedule Controller” comes with
  • Soltaro Battery Rack Version B: Add Start/Stop Feature (#1202)
  • UI: Optimize Performance and Subscribes (#1211)

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fix Generic State-Machine: Behaviour with multiple instances of same Component (#1203)
    • The former implementation of State-Machines, using enum s with StateHandler s being defined directly at construction time, lead to static StateHandler s that were shared by all instances of the same Component. This could cause unpredictable behaviour.
    • This commit fixes this by providing a local instance of each StateHandler for each instance of a Component.
  • Update dependencies: rrd4j (#1206), postgresql (#1205, #1210), moshi (#1213), fastexcel (#1212), pax-logging (#1204), UI dependencies and gradle 2061227
  • Fix UI ‘null’ alias 5573d9b
    • ignore ‘null’ values for install component
    • before this fix, if no ‘alias’ was provided in the component install dialog, it would create an alias with the string “null”.
  • Fix PID Filter: increase limit factor for error sum from 2 to 10.
    • On very low P, I or D factors, the error sum can become quite big before the target is reached. We still need to limit it at some point to avoid it becoming too much. Tests showed that a factor of 10 is a good compromise.