OpenEMS Release 2020.19.0


  • Improvements to OpenEMS Simulator-App #1151
    • NOTE: The Simulator-App is a very specific component that needs to be handled with care. It provides a full simulation environment to run an OpenEMS Edge instance in simulated realtime environment. After you ran a Simulation, you will receive the simulation result as a JSON. Also the simulation result can be viewed in OpenEMS UI.
    • Breaking changes in JSONRPC Request for simulation
    • Implement Timedata service: it can now provide the simulation results to OpenEMS UI
    • See readme at:
  • Migrate Refu88K from ESS to BatteryInverter (#1216)
    • The implemenation for REFU 88k Battery-Inverter now uses the recently added “BatteryInverter” Nature in combination with the “GenericEss” implementation.

Bug Fixes and Other Changes

  • Fix UI Energy Request for more than one day cee02fa
  • B-Control EM300 meter #1176 9a2c8cd
    • refactoring and application of latest coding guidelines
    • fix scale-factor for energy channels and invert
  • Fix Energy Storage Systems: set capacity values from battery (#1196)
  • Fix Property-Channels for Enum configuration properties 174b78a
    • Enums are now converted to OptionsEnum, so that they can be properly used inside Property-Channels.
  • Fix Commercial40: trigger AllowedCharge/DischargePower calculation at onUpdate event c06720a
    • Because of the fix in 2f58826 (2f58826), the allowed power was not anymore calculated correctly.
  • PV-Inverter Sell-To-Grid-Limit: update documentation ef99573
  • Predictive-Delay-Charge: Change LocalDateTime to ZonedDateTime to avoid time zone problems in prediction service. (#1214)
  • Soltaro Cluster C: change modbus task priority (#1215)
  • Update dependencies #1223 3be955c